PAD3O Dutch Oven Cooking Assignment

You will research a Dutch Oven recipe, make the recipe for the class to sample 
and then post your experience to the Recipe Blog.

You can complete this assignment on your own or with a partner.

1.    Research a recipe.

·      Use books, magazines or the internet to find a dutch oven recipe.

·      Ensure that the recipe uses the dutch oven as an oven and not just a cooking pot. I am looking for you to use the BBQ coals and tin foil to complete the assignment.

2.    Make the recipe for the class to sample.

·      Book a date to do your cooking.

·      Purchase your food (enough for the class to sample, not a complete meal).

·      You will have to prepare your food, get the BBQ coals hot (your responsibility, not mine), get the dutch oven set up, let it cook long enough and provide the class with a sample.

·      Ensure you give yourself enough time to complete all that (just using class time will not be enough). You will want to plan to use before school time, spares, lunch or arrange with your other teachers to ensure this gets completed.

3.    Post your recipe!

·      Make an actual post on the Recipe Blog.

·      Include:

Rate your recipe: * Maybe not ** OK *** Good **** Excellent, I will make this at home.

Recipe: Include all ingredients and instructions.

Hints: Things that helped you be successful or things you would change to make it better.

Source: A proper bibliography.

·      Use pictures or quotes to spice it up.

Don’t leave this assignment until the end of the semester, because it won’t happen!!

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